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We are creating a revolution in the medical acquisition process

At Procuremint Health, our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers of cutting-edge medical technologies. We are committed to enhancing the quality of patient care, improving healthcare outcomes, and driving innovation through our intuitive SaaS platform.

We envision a world where healthcare professionals can easily access the latest medical advancements, and where innovative companies can efficiently bring their life-saving solutions to market.

Our platform serves as the bridge that accelerates the adoption of groundbreaking medical technologies while reducing costs and streamlining the procurement process. With a relentless focus on transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, we empower healthcare institutions, from small clinics to large hospitals, to make informed decisions about their technology needs. At the same time, we enable medical technology providers, from startups to established enterprises, to reach a wider audience and make a profound impact on healthcare worldwide.

Our core values of integrity, collaboration, and innovation drive us to continually improve our platform, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the healthcare technology ecosystem. Together, with our partners and stakeholders, we aspire to build a healthier and more sustainable future for all. Procuremint Health: Bridging Healthcare through Technology."

Seth Feldman

Seth Feldman

Founder /CEO
With experience as an award winning individual contributor, trainer, sales leader, sales manager and executive, Seth has a great understanding of the needs of the sales force at both large corporations and start up environments. With a passionate patient-first mindset, Seth’s goal is to help improve efficiencies and alleviate the bureaucratic burden of healthcare on administration, clinicians, industry and most importantly…patients.
Dustin Milberg

Dustin Milberg

Dustin is a seasoned enterprise technology executive with over 29 years of experience serving as a CTO/CIO and VP of Engineering for various industries and organizations. He is Procuremint’s Chief Technology Officer, with the singular focus of helping customers optimize the cost and efficiency of medical device procurement in an effort to improve healthcare for all!