The right tools for your Supplier Diversity Initiatives

Putting the benefits of Supplier Diversity Initiatives (SDI) at your fingertips
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Supply Chain Resilience and Agility

A diverse supply chain creates robustness with less vulnerability to the disruptions. As we saw during the COVID-19 Pandemic these issues are real and can negatively impact supply chains, but most importantly…patients.
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Support Your Community

Investing in diverse suppliers strengthens local economies. Supporting businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans, LGTBQ+ and other historically underserved individuals aligns healthcare organizations' mission to improve the well-being of their communities.
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Competition Drives Cost Savings

Diverse suppliers can provide highly competitive pricing. This helps healthcare organizations manage costs and reach company goals all while supporting economic growth their communities.
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Innovate with Diversity

Diverse suppliers bring often bring fresh perspectives and solutions. This can foster new business ideas for devices, processes and enhanced patient care strategies.
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Better Reflect Patient Population

A supply chain that aligns with diverse patient populations leads to better understanding of nuanced needs. This drives culturally tailored outreach, which is crucial to the patient journey.
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Drive Efficiencies

Have a proactive approach to the benefits of SDI.

Historically, SDIs are a difficult task to execute. According to the American Hospital Association it takes a proactive approach to reap the benefits of SDIs. With Procuremint Health your SDIs are more than just statements on a webpage. You are equipped with the tools to find and communicate with diverse suppliers as well as let them propose their services to you outside of the RFP process quickly and easily.
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Streamlined Reporting

Making State Compliance Easy and Beneficial!

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