Cost saving opportunities on your terms

Customized quote templates that delivers the right information the first time and every time.

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Communicate efficiently

Custom quote templates.

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Providing uniformity in the proposal process allows for less back and forth and quicker time to adoption or denial.
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Vendors will speak your language allowing buyers and executives to analyze uniformed data instead of many quotes in many formats.
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Increase Productivity

Seize the moment

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Take advantage of down time by identifying savings opportunities quickly and acting on them instantly.
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Send proposals to your customers in the format that they want to receive them reducing the back and forth and yielding quicker times to adoption or denial.
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Send proposals and build funnels from the 100% web based platform allowing you and your team to work from virtually anywhere.
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Greater Visibility

C-Suite Accountability and Insights

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Now executives at all levels can have insight to the cost savings opportunities presented to their facility.
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Simple reporting tools allow you to analyze cost savings opportunities quickly.
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Gain insight into industry offerings to help with future negotiations with your vendors.
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See what Procuremint can do for your health system or sales force.